Thursday, January 12, 2017


hand dyed wool yarn & handmade knitting needles

So many people have approached me over the years 
when they see me knitting in public, 
to tell me they gave up knitting because they couldn't "get it".
I tell them to try it again until they do get it because it's a global skill.
That means you will probably fail at first,
you must practice over & over until to get it.
Then you will have that "Ah Ha" moment when it becomes easy.
Think about learning to ride a two wheel bicycle, or learning how to snow ski.
Or watch a baby learning how to walk,
see them fall many times before they get it.
Same thing.
So don't give up!

Then there is senior Helen Park who took to knitting like a duck to water.
I was dumbfounded as I watched her get it from the get go.
There never was a struggle like I'm so used to.
So it was a real pleasure teaching her this very complicated global skill
(usually it's like pulling teeth)
Another benefit was that she is the only student in the Intermediate class.
Usually I'm trying to teach at least 10- 15 kids at the same time how to knit.
The reason the class is so small,
is that all my brilliant 8th graders had to start their languages this year 
so they won't be back till their 11th grade year when they can fit me into their schedules again.
And of course my Beginning seniors last year all graduated and there was only one junior,
who had room in her academic schedule for me this year.
so I'm thrilled to work with her again and share all she makes with you.

Just so you know,
Helen mixed up food coloring to dye her wool yarns with before she started her sampler.
She also learned 10 different knit/purl patterns that she incorporated into this piece.
She knit each pattern separately,
then learned to sew them together to balance her design.
Just in case you are wondering,
Is Helen all alone with me the whole 55 minutes of class?
I have 3 other classes going on during Helen's class period this year.
Ceramics II, Intermediate 2-D Art and Advanced 3-D Art.
I just bounce from one group to the next all period.  
A great calorie burner let me tell you  :)


  1. You are amazing ... I wondered how you had so many different classes and levels.

    I'm also wondering if Helen has exceptional spatial perception ... something I lack that I suspect makes knitting more of a challenge (that and a tendency to work tight).

    In any case, the colors and textures in this are absolutely wonderful ... it's a life scarf.

    1. Thank you Liz, I've been doing the multiple classes in one period since I started here 37 years ago, I don't know anything else. When I hear other teachers complaining about having 3 preps, I have a hard time feeling sorry for them, and tell them you should try 9 like I have. A couple of years ago I had 10-12. It just all depends on what the kids sign up for.