Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I feel like our very serious drought is almost over.
We have had lots and lots of snow.  
A couple of days ago,
 2 feet in 24 hours.
That's a lot for us.

This was our view 2 weekends ago as we drove up to the cabin on the 15 Fwy.
To our left here were the San Gabriel Mts and Wrightwood Ski Resort then onto Las Vegas.

These to our right were the San Bernadino Mts and Big Bear Ski Resort.

And then in the middle between the two was our little mountain
which takes you to Crestline then onto Lake Arrowhead.
Sadly our snow was all melted.
But I just talked to our neighbor up there 
and he says he's never seen so much snow from this last weekend's storm.
Oh boy!!
Gonna need chains.
Can't wait to see what this lil' mt. will look like this next weekend.

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  1. How heaven has edges ... your mountains reaching to the sky, my shorelines along the endless reach of the sea.