Sunday, January 8, 2017


For my son's 28th birthday this last year,
 Zach wanted us to go to an Escape Room.
(Zach middle left)
I'd never heard of one before, 
but I guess they are the latest trend with a group of pals.
It's all about being locked in a number of rooms that are full of clues about how to solve a mystery,
and you try to beat the clock to solve it.
We had an hour and 8 people working hard to discover and find all the clues 
 out before time ran out.
One of the best players we had was my ex husband Inars.
He was as sharp as a tack.
We were very close to making the timeline,
and missed the last clue by only a couple of seconds.
There is always the next time.
I would do this again.
But wear a good pair of shoes.  
You do most of it in darkened rooms with flashlights,
and there is a bit of stepping on each others toes.

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  1. Have never heard of such a thing, sounds like fun! Hope your bare toes survived.