Wednesday, January 11, 2017


part three

I think I have mentioned before that we have a class that does a LIVE Broadcast
 every day for all our students and community.
Mr. Z (Rod Ziolkowski) teaches this class called Multimedia Communications period 2,
but the students are responsible for the entire show
 from production to direction to editing, writing, camera, grips, set design,
the list is long.
All our students look forward to this daily LIVE broadcast 
that goes at 9:00 a.m. during their homeroom classes.
It showcases our students & staffs many talents & personalities,
introduces new staff members,
goes on location around the city to interview & show off people, new places & eateries.
At anytime you could go online and pull it up to watch each day's video
at Whitney High School Live.

Well Mr. Z,
who walks by my classroom several times a day, 
was fascinated watching the kids weaving on the loom.
He asked if his LIVE show could feature seniors Shreya Sheth & Jacqueline Yu.
Of course I was thrilled for them,
and said Yes!
They were excited when I told them but a bit apprehensive & anxious.
So they took the finished weaving off  the loom and placed it on display in the office,
re-warped the loom,
chose a different weft (chenille yarns),
 and wove a bit to get this new one started before going on the live show,
and of course picked matching outfits
because they are a team!
They went LIVE on camera where they were interviewed by the moderator,
and demonstrated the weaving process.
Here you can see the new weft yarns and landscape design.
Shreya wove while Jac described what she was doing 
so that hopefully all our students & staff will take a turn on this loom.
I'm so terribly proud of these two girls,
not only have they impacted the Arts here at Whitney, 
but they have touched all the students & staff with their creation
here in the Whitney Community.
They will be back again to show you how this current weaving turns out.


  1. I went back to the November 1 broadcast to see this ... what a great production and I learned something to boot!

  2. This project is just so GREAT for so many reasons…Congratulations Shreya & Jacqueline (& their inspiring & supportive teacher!) for all of your hard and beautiful work. What a wonderful community building creation. Looking forward to seeing walls of your school's weavings!