Sunday, January 1, 2017


My beautiful stepdaughter Julie & her husband Mike 
hosted a Christmas get together at their new home.
This was our new grandson Syd's second Xmas,
and man oh man, 
was he excited to be with his cousins and Auntie & Uncle.
He is also currently spellbound with Thomas the Train 
which he wanted to watch and share with his cousins.
Our other two grandkids fought over who was going to hold him.
J. V. won easily as you can see,
much to Kenzie's dismay.
In between,
 is my gorgeous stepdaughter-in-law Carrie,
mother to the two older ones.
We all were surprised with J.V.'s green hair 
(Kenz put a bit of blue & purple in her's but you can't tell from the photo),
but I thought it was a good look on him,
flowed well with his socks.
hee hee
And my silly camera wasn't fast enough to catch this shot of the 3 of them,
so I ended up with Julie in the pix taking her photo as well.

Syd is such a sweet boy,
so patient and attentive as his mom Julie helped him open his presents.
His two favorites of the nite were the police car and fire engine.
Did I mention his daddy Mike is an Orange County Sheriff?
And that Mike brought his squad car to Syd's preschool for show & tell.
Mike also volunteered to play Santa at his pre-school.
Wish I had a pix of that!

My son Zach was also able to join us for the evening,
Danielle had to work.
I am truly grateful that we are able to blend our families. 
A gift really.
And a wonderful way to spend the Holidays.
Thank you Julie and Mike for a lovely evening.

I am also doubly thankful that I am able to spend Christmas Eve and Day with my children
and my ex,
their father Inars,
 as we have always tried to keep everything as "normal" as possible for our babies. 
Because family comes first.
If Danielle knew I put this pix up of her without her makeup,
I'd be in big trouble.
Good thing she never looks at my blog

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