Monday, January 30, 2017


plaster, empty milk carton, pigment if desired

Meet Helen Park,
one of my top art students this year.
She is bravely taking two classes with me in her senior year,
Beginning 2-D and Intermediate 3-D.
She is a joy to teach because she is a quick study;
she takes to everything like a duck to water,
just like I mentioned in the learning to knit a scarf sampler post a week or so ago.
Mixing plaster is like cooking to me,
I never measure anything.
I eyeball how much I need,
how it looks and what it feels like.
But with plaster I refrain from tasting it.
hee hee
The poor kids are flying by the set of their pants after my demo.
wondering how much they should use.
ha ha
So I have them do a tester first in a tiny milk carton.
And that's what Helen is sculpting here over the trash can,
cuz it's really messy.
Her prelim was a success,
just the right amount of plaster to water,
because like I told you,
she is an attentive audience.

And this beauty below is her final piece.
She wanted to capture a swimmer doing the backstroke.
What do you think?
Notice the slight change in the camera angle?
 It really makes it look like the figure is guiding thru the water.
Her wood mounting is wonderful as well.
I really get a sense of peace and solitude as I look at her sculpture.
Makes me actually want to get in the water and give it a try.
It's been awhile.
Just lovely Helen.
And your piece is being put on display tomorrow for the Accreditation team to see
 when they get here in a couple of days.
I'm so proud to be able to show it off!


  1. This puts me in mind of mermaids and manatees ... a very comely piece!