Sunday, January 22, 2017


2016 Alumni Hapshiba Kwon,
moved this summer with her entire family from Cerritos, Ca. to Old Lyme, Connecticut
while she attends prestigious Amherst in Massachusetts.
This winter she has joined the Outing Club 
and went on her first Mountaineering trip to the White Mountain Range in New Hampshire.

Hapshiba tells me that this year she is going to push herself to try new experiences,
and this one sounded a bit out of her comfort zone,
so perfect! 
In her own words 
" It was absolutely breathtaking (pictures attached), and I wanted to give up often (!!!) but had so much fun and even met a few new friends along the way. 
I'm thrilled to travel with you on these adventures thru your pictures Hapshiba,
and to be able to share them with your Whitney buds.
More please!


  1. Oh, Hapshiba, your life of grand adventures is just beginning!

  2. Ah, I've actually been to Old Lyme, right across the water from the north shore of Long Island (my old stomping grounds). I'm delighted that Hapshiba is sharing her adventures here ...