Friday, June 26, 2015


clay, oxides & wood mount

These abstract clay figures are the first project that I have my beginners start with in September,
 but for some reason they never got posted.
Sorry about that you guys.
I give the students one small piece of clay
 and they have to push, pull and stretch the clay into figures.
No adding arms or legs allowed.
It's a fun challenge for them,
 and it's OK if they look a little bit deformed since I encourage abstraction.

It's been so long since these were completed
 that I can't remember if senior Laarnie Barcelon's broke
or if she intentionally made it in two pieces.
I like the added nails and the pierced holes.
And of course her mounting it for extra credit made it made it even more interesting.  

 Two of the class favorites were seniors Nikita Govind and Poonam Bhakta.
Both were highly expressive.

And very talented 8th grader Lindsey Chang created the two below.
I use these figures for their first glaze assignment so the can learn to stain with the oxides.
Most of them either pick red iron or cobalt.
Because Lindsey made an extra one she later went back and glazed it.
I really like that she thought to string beads around the neck of the one
 so that we were able to hang it 
for display at Open House.

There was one more by senior Payal Morari that was my personal favorite but I can't seem to find the pix.
But I will eventually
 and then I'll put it in Payal  :)

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  1. Perhaps it is because this week's news, but the word that came to mind as I viewed these was "pathos." And then, the pair by Nikita and Poonam ... a reprise of Romeo and Juliet to my eye.

    There is no simple in art ...