Wednesday, June 17, 2015


clay, sawdust firing, metallic rubbing compounds & embellishments

This is a Native American coil pot technique that I learned by studying the works of
 famous Native American Potter Maria Martinez.
The kids love the technique,
and their pieces are much admired by our faculty and staff.

Here we have proud young 8th grader Eugene Ho who is sporting his pot around his neck.
Adorable, right??
Am I lucky or what to teach at this wonderful school with these sweet kids!!
They crack me up  LOL

Another hanging beauty was done by junior Christina Hur. 
I think it's really cool how she put the beads at the juncture between pot and rope,
and then carried them up the hanging device.

One of my personal favorites was this one above by senior Payal Morari.
I just adore the asymmetry of it all,
with it's simple strung beads and organic folds.
So incredible beautiful!
Just like it's maker  xoxoxox

And what a clever embellishment on this one,
a suspended spider's web.
Who are you????
Ahhh, 8th grader Lindsey Chang.
I was very fortunate this year to have so many talented 8th graders take my classes,
and how seamlessly they melded with the older kids.
most of them anyway, ha ha ha

This sweet one above was created by junior Klyne Madayag.
Notice the impeccable craftsmanship she uses to string the beads with.

This very pretty feather bowl was done by senior Ankita Batra.
Notice the lovely colorways she has rubbed onto both the inside and outside of the piece.
And then she brings the inside color out with her beads.

And what an interesting finish on the top of this work by senior Asha Bhakta,
and note the gorgeous embellishments she has added to compliment it so perfectly.

A great piece to end with was made by senior Laarnie Barcelon.
Her use of embellishments takes this way beyond my wildest dreams,
and makes me one happy teacher.

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  1. My daughter made a pot like these 12-13 years ago when she was in high school. It is one of my favorite things and I love looking at it every day. These pots will surely be equally cherished for years to come.