Friday, June 19, 2015


wood scraps, recycled materials, paper collage & wood staining

And these recycled wood figures are a great assignment to put at the end of the year.
This way we get to use up a lot of bits and pieces that are left behind from other projects.
I let the kids pick their subjects:
people, animals, insects;
as long as they are abstracted yet still recognizable.

Senior Sunny Kim made one of my personal favorites above.
Note all the adorable details:
the woodburned kitty faces on the feet,
the wire wings,
the Polymer clay face that has been stained with acrylic paint to bring out the facial details,
two different screws for arms,
the coiled wire spring for the pelvic area,
the list is long.

Another favorite was made by senior Anna Lee.
Two of the requirements were to include text and a bit of woodburning.  
Anna combined them on the inside of this clever and whimsical piece.

And junior Chirag Bisht knocked it out of the park with his cool skateboarding figure.
Clever young man used a wrench for the board which gave his piece so much personality.
And love that plant thingy on the top of the head that curls over.
Fun, fun, fun!!!

Sophomore Shreya Sheth went all out on her piece,
in this interactive caterpillar.
Sadly she ran out of time to get the features on,
but it was still remarkable 
and one of the most popular pieces at our Open House display.

And this cutie belongs to junior Liana Chie.
Notice the recycled paintbrush,
wire, nails, etc.?
Fun piece Liana!

The kids found the most interesting items to recycle like junior Hazel Cruz here.
Her father's broken watch face that she wired into the holes she drilled.
the kids were required to learn how to drill,
saw and sand their wood foundations.
They did this on a preliminary piece first to practice.
Here is Shreya using the drill as she starts the base of her caterpiller piece,
and below is junior A.K. Manivannan having fun with the jigsaw 
as he cuts a curve into his foundation.

Another requirement was to bring in an expressive quality to the piece 
through facial expressions or body language.
Both these pieces here,
top one by senior Adhora Islam,
and bottom by junior William Kim,
were done with the woodburning tool.
Some type of fibery goodness was also a requirement,
along with paper collage and paint staining.

I made these children jump thru a lot of hoops for this assignment,
and they never let me down.

Thank you all for working so hard,
it pays off big time!!!

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  1. I have long been a fan of StoryPeople by Brian Andreas. These assemblages give me the same sense of wonder ... and I smile