Monday, June 1, 2015


Alumni Steve Bermundo,
 Class of 1989,
 dropped by the other day for a visit.
I haven't seen Steve since he graduated and it was such a pleasure to see him again.
He was one of my best drawing students back in the day.
We had just recently reconnected thru FB, 
but it was even better to see him in person.
He lives up in L.A.,
 and is a professional dancer,
as well as still dabbling in the arts.
I told him he should come back and teach here when I retire.
Hint, hint!


  1. Good lookin student. He has dancer body!

  2. I had such a great time catching up, as well as reminiscing with you, even though you added a year
    to my age.(I'm from class of '89) lol
    I also liked your subtle "hint, hint" there. Well, I do hope to be back again soon in some capacity. And thanks for the kind words, Liz and Nat! :)