Friday, June 5, 2015


wood frames, glass shards, tiles, grout & acrylics

It's always so difficult to pick which pieces to showcase.
And sadly,
 way to time consuming for me to show them all,
so let's take a look at a few.

Starting with senior Anna Lee,
who has designed her frame with a very subtle color scheme.
Her theme,
 a gentle seascape,
 with sand colored grout,
 is so perfectly executed.
And a special detail are her tiny paper shells that she has glued under the clear glass shards. 

Next we have senior Sunny Kim who has done this lovely, 
sensitive heart frame.
She's moving her color values effortlessly
 while drawing our eyes to the center thru her use of text.

Junior William Kim,
a very talented up and comer for next school year's Intermediate class,
chose an oval format to work on.
My color correction here does not do this piece justice.
It's much more vibrant in person.
The theme,
I love how William chose to let the edges of the shards go off the format.
It made the piece much more difficult to grout,
but it was sure worth it.

Here is the work of sophomore Shreya Sheth.
Shreya is another up and coming super star.
 Her design ideas are always so cool and clever.
I  was worried she wouldn't get three done in time for grading,
but she has amazing energy and works so hard to make her art pieces one of a kind,
always working beyond the minimum requirements.
Here we see that she also made her backside very special with acrylic staining.

One of my personal favorites was created by junior Antoniette Jabat.
She paper collaged the entire wood frame first, 
then laid her shards over top.
Depending on the clarity of the glass,
some of the collage work shows up, 
and some is covered by the grout and darker glass pieces,
resulting in a lot of variety.
I wish the photo had come out better so you could see all the details.

One of most creative thinkers,
junior Hazel Cruz,
was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's STARRY NIGHT,
which I feel she pulled off exceptionally well.
Bravo Hazel!!!

And junior Amber Wu's gentle personality really comes thru 
by her choice of pastel colors
 and subject matter.
Absolutely lovely Amber!  

Lastly we have junior Liana Chie who always comes up with something special.
Notice the sweet little hearts and butterflies she found to incorporate in the work
that are balanced by the clear glass shards going off the left edge.

 So many beauties, 
I just wish there were more hours in the day so I could have shared them all.

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  1. I'm impressed by the range of materials being used and especially like the use of text in several of the pieces. Not to mention the challenge of using such tiny shards of glass and tile. Another great series of projects.