Sunday, June 28, 2015


clay, glass shards and glaze

Probably one of the favorite assignments of the year 
are these Carved Glass Plaques done by my beginners.
They are quite a treat for the eye!

This first one was made by senior Nikita Govind,
and I'm thinking she was already dreaming of summer vacation.  :)

I really like how senior Arun Ramakrishnan combined both glaze and the melted glass shards 
for his super hero piece.
 I felt it was one of his best works this year. 
Great design Arun!!!

Senior Payal Morari was the only one who thought to fracture her design...

and senior Ankita Batra brings us stunning color combined with black glaze on her bird.
Filling all those tiny craters with glass shards took a lot of patience which Ankita has.

And junior Sitara Puliyanda cleverly hides her first name in her piece amongst the leaves.
She also has thought to move the green from light to dark...
giving a dimensional effect.

Impeccable craftsmanship and lovely designs
are the hallmark of all of junor Christine Kim's works,
like the rose above.

And let us end with senior Laarnie Barcelon's highly remarkable piece here.
Besides carving areas away for her glass shards to melt into, 
she has also sculpted in bas relief her cat woman face.
She has brought in a bit of nail polish to achieve her reds.
Finding a red glaze in cone 5 is pretty difficult.
A little bit easier at cone 10.
So seniors...
take a ceramics class when you get to college so you can fire at cone 10.
It's the best!!!!
They've got the money, the kilns and the glazes  :)

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  1. What an incredible range of results from one assignment. I'm particularly drawn to the pools of blue in the background of Christine Kim's rose and Sitara's name embedded in her ombre leaves of green.

    And while Nikita has me dreaming of the past week at the beach, Payal has evoked a Christmas-in-July of stars and six-sided snow flakes.