Thursday, June 18, 2015


It's the last day of school today for the teachers to clean up our rooms.
Mine is almost done that's why I'm allowing myself to sit down and write a note here.
Graduation was last night and it was a glorious celebration.

I wanted to thank Alyssa Olea and Josh Berger one more time
 for helping me to wrap up the end of this school year.
I could never have done it without you both.

I also want to thank senior/now alum Karisma Dev 
for coming in on this last day to help me with all the last minute tasks needed doing. 
You are forever in my heart and I will miss you greatly.

To Sunny, I have the cash I owe you for your wood doll,
to Cyrus, you left your pastel elephant,
to Jovani, your portfolio is here,
to A.K., you left your birdhouse,
and to half of my Beginning 3-D  class, I forgot to give you back your birds,
to Em, your plate and embossment are here,
and Jane, you left your color print of your gate.

I will be here till about 3:30 today, so come on in if you are picking up your diplomas
and get your things.
If not,
I will have them for you at the beginning of the school year.

Have a wonderful summer all of you.
I will continue blogging your artwork since I'm running at least 2 months behind schedule,
and at the end of August I will post the Senior Farewell.
Bye for now....


  1. Yes yes yes! Oh how I remember this feeling at the end of the school year! Congratulations, you made it!!!