Friday, July 25, 2014

Mugs with Attitude

clay & glaze

Once the kids have learned to throw a cylinder on the potter's wheel, I show them how to get bulbous forms by shaping from the inside out.
I also show them how to pull a handle from a lump of clay.
My students are required to make 2 mugs, one with a pulled handle one with a handbuilt handle.
The mugs are also supposed to be different shapes and sizes.
I also encourage them to do something interesting when glazing for an eye catching surface design.

One of their options is a masking tape design like the one on the left. 
Senior Aditi Ramesh put masking tape right onto the bisqueware in lines and shapes that she cut out before dipping the pot in our turquoise glaze.
Another option is dipping in multiple glazes like Aditi did with the one on the right.
Some drooling will occur because you are doubling and tripling the glazes over top of themselves. 
Around the top rim is fine like you see here.
It's a beautiful look, but when it happens at the bottom of the pot it could cause it to get stuck to the kiln shelf,
so one has to be very careful where they allow the glazes to overlap.

These are gorgeous Aditi!

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