Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bye-bye Sweet 7th Graders

embossed paper with various media

Usually if there is enough time at the end of the quarter I like to bring out the printing press for the 7th graders.
They are fascinated and excited to try it out.
This time I gave them a subject matter to work to, a sun motif.
And like my Beginning 2-D students I suggest they bring in their favorite media to finish it off.
Wait till you see the clever ideas below.
7th graders are fearless!

This first one by Jaslyn was delightful.
She titled it Soaking the Rays.
She combined media by using watercolor and pen and ink and zentangled her sun's rays.

Sahana used pen and ink, watercolor, as well as pastel to pull together her colorful Undersea Paradise.

Of course Emma found a way to bring her cat into the subject, clever girl.
And I love that she thought to use paper collage, watercolor, pen and ink plus a bit of splatter
to highlight her Lazy Day.

In Lost at Sea, Chloe combines pastel and colored pencil seamlessly to show off the texture in her embossed areas. 

Sajan uses colored pencil with pen and ink in his joyful look at Life.

Kiana H. really shows off her skills with watercolor in this lovely landscape titled Hello Summertime.

And in A Day Gone By, Dylan uses watercolor, pen and ink, and charcoal to give us this fun and well thought out design.

I will miss all you 7th graders, all 117 of you, spread out during 4 quarters.
There are so many of you who really stood out artistically and I hope you will be back for more art classes.
And whether you come back for more or not, please stop by just to say Hello. 
Thank you for your enthusiasm and your courage.
You will be fondly remembered.

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