Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's All About Surface Design

clay, wax resist, glazes, oxides

In their 4th semester the kids learn how to throw on the potter's wheels bowls and plates, and also how to trim the bottoms to elevate them for a more elegant look.
But we don't stop there.
I also teach them several surface design techniques to finish the plates off with.

Senior Tahnee Thanthrong chose a feathers motif to do her wax inlay technique.

Seniors Aditi Ramesh and James Cho are exploring flicking oxide over glaze on the left, and sponging wax resist over top of glaze then brushing oxide over top that on the right. 

Both these bowls are Aditi's.
On the left is the sponging wax over glaze with oxide like James did above, and on the right Aditi has applied glaze first then used wax resist and a brush to draw her diamond design with.
When wax is dry she has brushed oxide over top which makes the wax design pop.  
A close up.

I forgot to write down who this one belongs to but if I had to guess I'd say either senior Carol Oh or or Shamara Mustafa.
This one is also the wax inlay technique which means you dip the piece into a glaze (white was used here).
Then you paint a wax design on top of the dried glaze.
When wax is dry wipe away all the white glaze where the wax is not at, then re dip piece into a contrasting glaze.  (our bluegreen)

And in this last one senior Aman Patel experimented by drizzling tiny glass shards over top a glazed plate.
Very pretty.

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