Friday, July 18, 2014

Glass & Clay

clay, glass shards, glaze

One of the projects my beginning clay kids look the most forward to are these Carved Glass Plaques.
It is a bit more expensive to do this assignment because of all the glass colors you need, so I go to a stained glass store and buy up all their broken pieces for a lot less money.
Then I have my T.A.'s break it down even more to small shards and we use it for this assignment as well as mosaics in my 3-d class.
I try to encourage the kids to come up with original designs but some of them are not confident enough in their drawing skills to do that, so you will see some designs you recognize.

This first beauty was created by senior Minette Tsang.

One of my personal favorites above was made by junior Ju Eun Lee.
Her design was especially difficult to carve out but she did a terrific job.

This striking floral design was done by very talented senior Jocelyn Kim.
Her color choices were exceptional!

I love how in this apple senior Darren Fong used both glass and glaze and allowed them to overlap a bit to get a super exciting marbleized look.

Senior Neha Jain did this fun design above, and senior Karen Cheng did the lovely rose design below.

Junior Erin Hsiao created this gorgeous bird above while junior Tiffany Chu made the pretty turquoise goblet below.
You can see in Tiff's piece how the white glaze is overlapping with the turquoise glass for a lighter shade of turquoise.
Very cool!

Junior Nicholas Tudor did the perfectly crafted rose and gave it as a gift to my lovely assistant, alumni Alyssa. 

And this rendition of Starry Night was done by one of the nicest young men in my Ceramics class, Jonathon Xue.

Senior Derrick Lin, one of my all time favorite students, made the castle above.
Notice how he manipulated the glass to go from darkest blue on the bottom to lite blue on top.
Nice Derrick!

This beautiful, original design was made by senior Priya Sheth.
Notice the care she took in glazing it.
Some areas are stained with red iron oxide, next to carved out ares with glass.
Love the contrast!

Senior Lacey Thach did this impeccably crafted floral design above, and we end with junior Stephanie Kim carving and glazing the superman logo.
Fantastic job all of you, and congrats to so many students from the class being featured on the blog at one time.

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