Sunday, July 20, 2014

Early Summer Garden

We've had a very humid summer so far this year, with one small thunderstorm that brought us a bit of sprinkle.
Just enough to tease the plants.
And so the severe drought continues with fines starting in August for over watering.
I'm in big trouble, I see it coming, cuz I love to water my plants.
I'll keep you posted.
If you are new to Artisun, my husband and I live in a condo with two tiny patios.
And my mother passed onto me her green thumb, so I fill up our space with trees (mini Magnolia on the upper left and an ornamental Loquat that I grew from a seed on the right), vegetables (this year it's 3 tomato, kale, basil, swiss chard, & asparagus), fruit (boysenberry, grape, grapefruit, avocado & strawberries), succulents, and lots of flowers (I use them in my dye experiments).
This is our lower patio above and below...

our upper patio (boysenberries), and then back to lower for a bit more of everything.
and then a close-up below of one of my most recent dye adventures.

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