Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Are You Looking At Me?

clay, glaze, oxides

We saw these faces going into the kiln a couple of weeks ago, and here they are coming out of the glaze firing.
Let me show off a couple favorites.

Because senior Anne Allan is also in my drawing classes, she had a distinct advantage in this assignment.
She had the most realistic face of all. (above left) 
I really like how she aged his face by adding wrinkles and exaggerating the cheekbones and jowls.

Senior Priya Sheth (above right) probably had one of the most expressive faces.
One of Priya's signature stylings is adding metal into her clay pieces.
Here she put a nail into the eyeball to see what effect it would have.
You never know what metal will good in the kiln.
Here it melted a bit and turned black, adding to the already expressive face.

This handsome, charismatic young fellow was created by (I'm guessing) senior Minette Tsang.
She finished this piece off by staining it with cobalt carbonate and then dipping into transparent glaze. 

Another favorite was made by junior Yasmeen Pardo.
I think she was amused and inspired by my demo. when I accidentally dropped my head.
So I think she tried doing the same to hers for a very interesting looking face.

And these last two where done by senior Megan Yeu on the left and junior John Byun on the right.(below)
I have to be honest and tell you that I like to mess around with the heads when I photo them.
I thought Megan and John's faces made a great looking couple  :)
I really , really like how Megan finished her head by using our Blue Matt glaze and wiping a bit off for a mottled look.
Then she used cobalt carbonate on the lips and eyes for highlighting.
On the hair she used our turquoise glaze.
John finished his off by staining the bisqueware with rutile oxide which creates a really pleasing yellow-orange effect.

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