Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Getting Wet and Soapy

wool, water and soap

Are these happy faces or what???
My 7th grade cuties are having way too much fun outside my room felting wool around bars of soap.
I partner them up so they have helpers to fetch water and clean up the big mess that goes with this project.
As you can see sometimes they have a little too much fun like Sajan below with his partial soap mustache.  :)

I average between 28 to 32 7th graders per quarter, and they all love this assignment! 
Even when they goof up and their soap scrub looks like a it has a rooster tail on top like Dion's below.
I just want them to come away enjoying the creative process and knowing that it's all good.

This first beauty was done by Ananya.
And the pretty pink one below by Lina.
T.J and Sahana did these next two below.
Love both their striking color combos.

While the kids were learning to do this project our Principal, Dr. Bus, stopped in to learn the process as well.
She really enjoyed watching the kids pick out their colors, so I asked her to pick out he favorites, and then after she left we made this one below for her.
My Intermediate 3-D student and Art Tech, Laarnie Barcelon, created a beautiful collaged box below to house Dr. Bus' soap scrub in, and presented it to her on one of the last days of school.

Thank you Dr. Bus for stopping by, the kids really enjoy having you learn with them.

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