Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

8.5" photo sensitive fabric squares from BLUEPRINTS ON FABRIC, perle cottons, embellishments

This assignment is a great way to end the school year for my beginners in 3-D art.
They get to use their newfound design, sewing and creativity skills.

Junior Clarissa Bloemhof put a lot of thought into her pillow for her father to take with him when he ships out to sea.
I really like how she pulled it all together thru stitch.

It's almost endless what will print on this special fabric.
Basically, anything that will block the sun.
The project is pricey, but I found that the cheapest way to buy the fabric pieces is thru Dharma Trading.

This next one by 8th grader Cassidy Chansirik is adorable.
Love that she added the colorful fringe along with her cute animals.

The red in this piece really makes it pop.
Junior Bianca Tolentino is the artist.
And lastly, my favorite, by my other 8th grader Annie Lin.
What a creative, original idea.
To cut up the fabric, braid some of it, add other pieces, and then back it to show off all she had done!
I felt her critical thinking was brilliant!

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