Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get Out Your Paddles

clay, glazes, oxides

That's right, use those wooden paddles to beat, push and form your lump of clay into the most interesting shape you can.  
Then slice thru the upper portion and separate the two sections.
When they are leatherhard, carve them out so you end up with a container.
That's a Japanese Lump Box.

Ceramics I, help me out, I can't remember who belongs to this gorgeous piece.
Finishing is our Chili glaze with red iron accents.

I'm pretty darn sure this next one was created by junior William Lin.
Above you see the backside where he has hinged the lid on after the glaze firing.
I love all the stamped elements he bought into his form, and below you can see how the lid works as well as what the inside looks like.
I asked all the kids to glaze the inside since it's a container.
The outside was optional, either glazing or staining.

This next beauty was made by senior Minette Tsang.
Notice how thin and delicate the form is? 
And  below you can see how she hinged it.
She stained with Cobalt Carbonate then dipped into Transparent glaze.
Then she went back and painted Cobalt accents to highlight her vines.

Junior Jonathon Xue was the creator of this super clean piece.
Above right you can see his hinging system.
It had so many interesting angles for photographing.
Way to go Jon!
He, like William, brought in a lot of great stamped texture, then the both of then stained with Rutile oxide.

These next 3 cuties above were made by seniors Lacey Thach, Sameera Ahmad, and Neha Jain, 3 of my top senior clay artists.

And many of my favorites here were created by junior Ju Eun Lee with that sweet bird on top, senior Priya Sheth with her signature embedded metal pieces, and senior Norris Khoo with his impeccably crafted box.

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