Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cloth As Loom

I recently started another online class with one of my favorite fiber artist's, Jude Hill, of Spirit Cloth blogging fame.
The class is called "Considering Weaving", and I'm trying really hard to keep up.
She is exploring both traditional and non-traditional weaving techniques.  
I enjoy both so this is the perfect class for me.
In one of our first explorations, she has us using cloth for a loom.
So I wanted to find the perfect cloth to do this with, and found this eco-dyed piece of cotton that I was experimenting on last year.
I tried weaving straight across but felt it didn't flow with the curvy designs of the cloth so I took my tapestry needle and pushed on both warp and weft threads to make them undulate like the cloth markings.
Next she is showing how to weave within a circle so I think I might try that next on this same cloth,
so hopefully I will be back with more to show real soon. 

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