Monday, January 6, 2014

The Holidays Leading Up to Christmas...

down below in Yorba Linda at the Agrums, where Inars cooks us an amazing Prime Rib for Thanksgiving,
and it's just us the 5 of us this year, plus Bogie and Lily.  

Then up to the mountains at the Sposas cabin in Crestline to turn that left over Rib into an ugly but scrumptious soup  LOL

Prepping the cabin for the coming snow storm by climbing up onto the roof on a really scary ladder to get the leaves and pine needles off.  Jim wanted to go up to do this but I wouldn't let him.   Jim says the leaves hold moisture on the roof, not good.  
I have so much to learn  :) I'm just a beach girl  LOL

The night of the lighting of the Xmas tree at our Lake Gregory with the locals.  We are finding the everyone is so friendly and kind up on the mountain.  
And check out Princess Sophie in her new, snugly coat, she loves the cold and snow!

Then bringing up my kids to the rain and snow, with a pix on Santa's lap, and decorating the sweet little pine tree in our front yard.

Teaching Dani to light her first fire from recycle, pinecones and kindling, and doing some brain teasers before bed.

Driving around like a maniac in my Mini Paceman loaner car, and just enjoying my babies!

And of course a stop off at Trinket Traders to show my kids my selling space, and making them pose next to it.  Mommmmmmmmmmm...

Now just waiting for Santa to come.

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