Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nuno Felting with Embellishments - Student Work

with Embedded Bits of Magic and Embellishments

This was a really fun unit to teach and it was great seeing all the creative solutions.  I rarely show all the students pieces, but I really wanted you to see all the variety of solutions.
When my students turn in their work I always have then put their pieces on the board for the other classes and myself to enjoy.

So let's take a look at a few individual pieces.

This first one was done by 8th grader Annie Lin.  What a brilliant solution to the project.  She has also moved her colors really well and planned well with her embedded items.

.Because I've been weaving since the 2nd grade, I really gravitate to woven art pieces.  I love how senior Vinisha Kothari cut her piece up, wove it back together in a very pleasing way, then hooked on all types of embellishments.  How Fun!! 

Then look at senior Jinnie Choi go in this highly developed work, WOW!  So much handwork was added after the felting.  I'm thinking she probably had to take this home everyday to make it happen.

Next is this very delicate and lovely piece by junior Payal Morri.  How clever to turn her piece into a dimensional work.  Very pretty Payal!

And then junior Clarrisa Bloemhof is really thinking outside the box.  She has taken her adorable little sister's shoe/socks and made then a part of the piece.  She also took advantage of our Eco-Dye unit and colored her four squares with plant pigments.  Great critical thinking!  

Everyone loved senior Sam Kim's "Starry Night" on the left.  And I was really impressed with junior Jon Madamba's piece on the right, how he took his felt and turned it into a pouch. 

Check out the complex design of this next one by senior Rebecca Tjahja.  She really rummaged thru my treasure chest and found a wooden key from Fossil, and a soldered work from last school year.  Who would have thought to put the two together, but somehow she has made it work.

And this next one is amazing by super star student, junior Bianca Tolentino.  Two-sides with lots of embedded items then tons of embellishments.  LOVE IT!!!

And our last one that I want to show off was created by another junior, Kaili Hamada.  She is also proving to be a go-getter, coming in everyday at lunch to have extra time to spend on her incredibly beautiful work.  I took a close-up so that you can appreciate all the time she has put into this piece.  

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