Monday, January 27, 2014

Porcelain Slab Wraps - Student Work

a review

This was their first assignment of the year, a review of slab building but for the first time, doing it in the more expensive porcelain clay.  So I kept the scale very small.  These pieces may look big here on the blog but in reality, they measure only about 3" by 1 1'2".  And they are lovely!
I believe this first one by senior Aditi Ramesh was an extra credit piece.  I really like how she pushed the walls out which creates movement and a pleasant flow for the eye.  I 

The kids were required to make two pieces for this assignment.  This was one of Aditi's above.  I asked them to show all the seams and that they be decorative for added interest.  Aditi used Pinking Shears to actually cut the edges of the clay with.  Very cool. 

Senior Carol Oh took advantage of a rubber stamp to texture her surface above, as did senior Shamara Mustafa below.  I also really like how she didn't allow her piece to close all the way up.
Most of  the kids stained their pieces with oxides, then applied transparent glaze over top to show off their surface designs.  

This is cool how Tahnee peeled her edges over.  Notice she is using the same stamp as Shamara but how different they look because of the finishing technique.

I'm loving the shaping of this little cutie above by Shamara.  Both she and senior Aman Patel (below) did some overlapping which adds even more interest to the form.

And lastly, Tahnee has created this sweet little vase form with holes so she can hang it on a wall and perhaps put flowers inside.  Notice the contrast she achieved by only staining the main structure but then putting a bit of glaze only on the flower.  Nice look!


  1. I really love these. I have never done ceramics. It looks like fun! Hugs Nat

  2. The stamped images look really wonderful!