Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Spotlight on Karisma Dev - Student Art

I've featured junior Karisma Dev several times over the last 5 years, and there is a reason;  she is an up and coming brilliant young artist who is making a name for herself here at Whitney.  I recently showed off the art display in our office but I didn't talk about the remarkable twig piece hanging in the forefront.  It is Karisma's lastest work.
She started this piece off by dyeing and spinning her own art yarn, and learning a free form knitting technique to build a interesting web-like structure.  Then she inserted a few twigs to bring a visual relationship between the larger branch and twigs.
When the Santa Ana winds came thru here a month or so ago, this beautiful tree limb was blown and broken off in a park that Karisma and her sister frequent, so they dragged it home and then to school so she could use it with her free form knit piece.  
My T.A. Josh Berger and Karisma figured out a way to suspend the branch from the wall so she could get under it to work.
Not only did she attach her knit piece but she loves to use recycled items in her work so she incorporated quite a few goodies as well.
Here you can really see how intricate the piece is, and how she did a bit of yarn bombing as well around the branch.  
Amazing work for a high school student! 

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  1. Such fun and exciting work going on in your classroom. I especially love the free form knitting on the twigs and branches.