Friday, January 17, 2014

A Blast of Color and Design - Student Work


It's such a pleasure to once again show you the work of my Beginning 2-D students.  You saw them last week drawing on location, their intensity and focus.  Well, they totally brought that to this extremely challenging assignment. 

This first one was done by sophomore Skyler Lee and was one of my favorites this year.  I especially love his color choices and design, and then when you open up the portfolio, the two halves look great next to each other.  Way to go Skyler!

The kids had to base their designs on sun motifs.  Here junior Zoe Lin captured so much movement within  her highly complex design.  She also thought to stamp some of the tissue which adds an extra element of texture and liveliness to the piece.  A great idea for next year's crop of kids Zoe.  Thanks!

The kids built two separate tissue collages that they then cut apart into their design pieces, and alternated the pieces as they glued them down on top of the cardboard portfolio pieces.  They also had to build each collage within a color scheme that they picked before they were able to start.  This striking portfolio was done by senior Alice Choi.  Alice's first collage was in all blues, so a monochromatic scheme.  Her second, the orange and yellow one was an analogous scheme.  Then when the two are cut up and alternated together, BAM!!  Fantasitic contrast. 

The reason they are a bit shiny is because I offer extra credit if the kids put down clear  packing tape over top the collages to preserve them.  It's a tad pricy but so worth it after these children put their hearts and souls into each portfolio. This beauty which resembles mosaic work was made by junior Jessica Kang.

I wish I'd of done a few close ups for all to see the special papers the kids brought into the collage besides just tissue.  Lots of newspaper text, sparkly gift papers, sheet music, the list is long.  In this one above you can see how senior Catherine Chiou brought in both American and Chinese text, if you look very closely  :)

Junior Smruthi Maganti did this exciting design above.  Her piece was especially difficult to create due to all the curves she had to very carefully cut out and re-glue.

Another favorite was this very sweet and uplifting work done by senior Annie Ro.  I love how she had the foresight to collage her blue paper from top to bottom using a value scale.  So it goes from dark to light, and really helps make her sunrise more authentic.

Here is another really adorable portfolio by junior Sunny Kim with the cute little bunnies.  Everyone melted when they saw hers finished.

Junior Michael Cantu did this really exciting design above.  Notice that his is a cityscape with the buildings down below thru the center.  He has also cleverly managed to pull off both day and nighttime. 

And lastly, everyone's favorite, senior Vivian Huong.  So sweet and cute with delicate baby giraffes circling her sun/world within lovely colors.  Her's was actually very difficult to cut out as well.  She had to use an Exacto knife for all those tiny giraffes.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the hard work and thought my Beginners put into their creations.
Let me know  :)


  1. It's hard to pick favorite from all these wonderful paintings. I love how they work around the sun and moon. Great job kids - Hugs Nat