Friday, January 10, 2014

Moonstone Mounted Sculptures - Student Work

I have the 6 most amazing children this year in Ceramics II and it is a pleasure to show you their work.  They are all seniors and have been working so hard to impress and delight me, which they have.  :)
This was a review assignment on the pinch/paddle technique.  It was also a review of realistic, expressive faces.  We sawdust fired the moonstones, and then used a bit of metallic rubbing compound to make them even more special.
These first two above were made by Tahnee Thantrong and Shamara Mustafa.

The  two above were created by Aditi Ramesh and Carol Oh.  Don't they have so much attitude and personality??

After the pieces were fired I asked the students to make a wood mount to compliment their pieces.  I feel that each one of them did a remarkable job with this from scrap pieces of wood.

These last two belong to James Cho and Aman Patel.
Just look at how both boys came up with such a creative way to mount their works.

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