Friday, January 31, 2014

A Stitchpaper Quilt - Student Work

ala Kelli Nina Perkins
Advanced 3-D Art
This year is lonely for 3-D art student Karisma Dev.  She's the only student who could fit the Advanced 3-D class into her schedule.  But boy oh boy, she isn't letting that hold her back,  she is going to town.  She has just finished this exceptional piece in which she learned to work paper and fabric together, and to free motion quilt., then to turn it into an Art Quilt.  Plus she has brought in a really strong message.  Karisma has titled this piece "Co-Exist"  Look below a the close-up to see her intense visual, as well as all her stitching.  Also notice above the sweet little silver embellishments she had dangled from the bottom of the quilt.  
Fabulous Work Karisma!

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  1. Fantastic stitchpaper quilt! Well done, I love it! Hugs Nat