Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013 with The Sposas & The Agrums

We did 3 family parties this year just to make sure we covered all our bases, and as you can see the weather was gorgeous, 78ish.
This first one several days before Xmas was at our home with Jim's daughter Julie and her husband Mike, Jim's son James and his wife Carrie and their two children, J.V.and Kenzie Lou.

The best gifts were Kenzie's bow and arrow set that Aunt Julie taught her to shoot, and then of course J.V.'s cool microscope was taken over by his dad.  LOL 

Kenzie and I had fun doing arts and crafts in the garage, painting Popsicle ornaments that we had glued together last Xmas.

My girl Dan made a guess appearance after she got off work and opened up her favorite gift from Jim, a Mario game that she really wanted.

Good food and fun was had by all.

Christmas Eve
was celebrated at my tiny home/studio that I so enjoy decorating with all my children's ornaments they and I have made over the years, heartfelt Xmas cards my students have given me, and artist friend's Xmas art pieces.

You can see stitcher extraordinaire Jude Hill's Santa piece hanging to the left of the little tree in the stairwell.  I adore that piece and hate when Xmas is over and it's put away for another year.

And then Christmas morning was bright and early at Inars' house with the kids and Jim.
The rest of the presents were opened and a delicious breakfast was cooked and gobbled up (you get hungry after all that unwrapping and cleaning up)
Jim loved his new headlight for up at the mountains where there are no streeet lights to walk the dog by.  And Zach shows off Inar's great wrapping job with Danielle's knitting yarns.
And I'm just loving it all, my children are healthy and happy, and that we can all be together.
And of course the Bog was real happy with his new chew toy  :)
Good Dog

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season.  
Warmest Wishes from all of us to all of you.

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  1. Merry late Christmas Deb and family. It looked like you had fabulous Christmas. Your family are awesome - Hugs Nat