Monday, October 14, 2013

Some Mountain Time

The sun setting between our pines in the front from our porch.
Working hard to widen our driveway to get ready for snow.

And this weekend collecting firewood and Leland Cypress saplings from the nearby lot across the street.  Putting in a hedge on our back lot to block our neighbor's eyesore below us.  Not used to all the junk/trash people leave in their yards up on the mountain.  
You can see Sophie there in the foreground anxiously awaiting my return.  She is getting to be quite the mountain dog, doing a little too much exploring for her own good.  We had to shave her down because she was coming home with all kinds of vegetation stuck to her legs and underbelly.  Also putting in some fall color before the weather freezes up. 

And then the both of us exhausted by the end of the day.  Didn't even bother with my p.j.'s, just crashed.

And so then you ask, where's Jim when all this work is going on?  Right??  Here he is in traditional Hatfield/McCoy style with the dog, smoking his stogie, teeth rotting away, enjoying the view, being the boss-man, and cracking that whip!   LOL
Couldn't decide which pix was funnier so I had to put them both in.

But the best time about mountain time, is when our kids come up to join us and get caught up in my crazy eco-dyeing process, or chopping roots out of the ground, or splitting wood.  It's all good stuff!

Here is Zach with girlfriend Nicole peeking over his shoulder as he opens up his eco-dyed pillow case that he made for her.

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