Thursday, October 10, 2013

Senior Artists of 2013's Finest Hour

2013 Seniors, I've reached the end of the posting of your art pieces, you all produced such a large body of truly amazing works that' it's taken me all summer and into the first 6 weeks of this next school year to finish putting everything up on the blog.  Phew!  So we are looking at next week then for your finally good-bye, the senior tribute that I've done for the pass 4 years.  So stay tuned my beautiful ones.

This was the first year that we were able to use the new Multi Media Center to host the Awards Banquet in, and lucky for me I could pin art right up onto the wall panels.  This is drama teacher, Jodi Improta's brand new stage, and at the back of the room, my assistant, alum Alyssa Olea, hung up your senior art show for your parents.  

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