Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eco-Dye Sources - My Work

The patina on the bottom of a copper pan,

moss growing  in shady areas,

dried flowers,

rust chips,

pounding fresh flowers into your cloth with a hammer

fresh flowers, leaves and tree bark,

the patina off a copper pipe used for rolling fabric around,


all of the above mixed together sometimes  :) and with goodies on top

Of course the water turns color and is affected by what you've bundles along with anything extra you float in the water.  Below is a bunch of windfall from my yard...
that I boiled down and it produced a warm brown color below.

The copper pipes also affect the outside color and the cloth itself.  I even love what happens to the pipe, the patina that it comes out of the dye bath with.  I think I'll drill holes and make chimes with them.

These next 3 are the 3 bundles from above.  The largest bundles was this old cotton pillow case.  I love how it turned out.  I sewed a beautiful trim on the end to cover the ragged edge.
This next one (seen here before I rinsed off the plant matter) was the result of the medium sized bundle, and the green surprise from the copper pipe below.

And this last one was the smallest bundle from above, just a random piece of cotton, but I really love the rich design that resulted.

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  1. Just gorgeous. The pipes are almost as beautiful as the cloth.