Friday, October 4, 2013

Nature Themed Planters - Student Work

For the Ceramics I students final project I always have them make clay planters.  Since gardening is one of my favorite hobbies, I love to pass that love onto my class.  Fior their going away gift I buy them each two plants and some soil and on the day of the final, WE PLANT!!!
This year senior Lilith Huang made my favorite one with the leaves and butterfly.  She finished the piece by staining with red iron and cobalt oxides.  

I buy lots of plants for the kids to choose from, and I think the Alyssum that Lilith chose was lovely with her design.
In this next one above senior Andre' Martin stained with rutile on the backboard and red iron on the planter with just a hint of turquoise and white glazes on his flowers for a very cool look.

These next two were both done by senior Nikki Shah.  She made two because her first one on the left cracked really bad and she wasn't sure if she could save it or not.  But luckily she did and both were very nice looking.

A close of the stamped , thumped and dragged clay.

This last one by senior Mehar Maju was also a favorite. Love the asymmetry of it and the way she finished it off  with the staining and glaze.  Wonderful piece Mehar!

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