Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Introducing the 2013-2014 Art Students

Alrighty, we are already 8 weeks into our current school year, and it's taken me that long to finish up the art posts from the last school year.  But better late then never!

This was a refresher assignment for my 2nd and 3rd year drawing students, value scales.  My 2nd year kids had to do a 10 step scale and 3rd year a 15 step scale.  It was only a one and two day project but as you can see I was able to get a lot out of them design and effort-wise.

This first one is the work of senior Cathy Luo.  She is incredibly talented and driven and we will be seeing a lot from her this year. 

This next gorgeous piece was done by senior Jasmine Zhao who is coming back to me after an absence of 5 years!  I had her in the 7th grade and have been patiently waiting for her return.  Now you can see why, a gifted young woman. 

We  saw a lot of senior Anne Allan' s pieces last school year, and she is back to show us even more of her amazing skills and designs.  She spent a month at an art camp this summer perfecting those skills.

And lastly we have senior Alex Lee who last year in the beginning class gave us lots of war themed pieces, and it looks as if that will continue to be his focus this year.   Not everyone's cup of tea but it works for him. 

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