Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Contoured Coil Pots - Student Work

My Advanced3-D students, seniors Rita, Kevin and Nida, begged me to throw in a clay assignment to end the year with, so i decided on taller coil pots with "S" curves.  I wanted them to have a challenge and to also not repeat what my ceramics classes were working on.  These were the results, and each is so different and unique.  I love that!

Starting with Rita Labib, I was concerned this would be too easy due to the fact that she was also in my Ceramics II and had already done something similar.  But the height, the large contours and the asymmetry that she brought into this piece were difficult and I was very pleased with her work.

Kevin Tang had personality plus, with a very spontaneous feel to it.  I really liked it.

And lastly we had Nida Fatima with a much more controlled work, with tedious, time consuming little coils and balls.  A beautiful piece.

It's funny, I've known Nida and Kevin since 7th grade, Rita since 10th, and these pots could very well have been self-portraits.  You could have put them in front of me and I could have guessed which piece belonged to which child.  I love that about my job, getting to work with these youngsters for 6 years and watching them grow up.  And then knowing them so well that I could figure out which piece belongs to whom.  What a trip! 

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