Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Preliminary Metal Unit - Student Work

These were the final assignment of the year for my Intermediate 3-D kids last school year.  In this unit they learned all about the properties of metal and they were able to test them out.  Ageing, patinas, forging, piercing, etc.  and these were the results.

Senior Amy Hsu made these clever pieces above.  

And below we have the inspiring work s of senior Tiffany Lee.

Senior Julia Faith Chanco made these cool earrings and ring, above.  

And I adore the etched sunglasses and bug below by senior Ashley Chowdhury.

These lovely silver earrings were the work of senior Sheila San Agustin.

And below senior Lauren De Belen is really into the ammonia dip to patina her metals.

The neat dream catcher as well as all 3 pieces below were made by senior Angela Wan.  You can see the sawdust/vinegar patina on her leaf below. 
This was a really fun unit to end the year with.

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