Thursday, October 31, 2013

Meet Laarnie and Reis...

the two kids I teach 2nd year 3-d to.  I taught both of them last year in the beginning class and was really impressed with their sense of design, so I encouraged them to come back to me.  They are both juniors, and this is their first assignment of the year.  We used Wilton cake dyes to dye wool yarn with, and set the dye in the microwave with a bit of vinegar (some years I steam the yarns to set the dye)
At the same time they are working with the dyes they are also creating their own knitting needles from dowels and polymer clay.

These are Reis Misaka's yarns and needles...

And here are Laarnie Barcelon's.  

Both where able to choose between knitting a pillow top or a scarf.  So stay turned to see their results.  :)

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