Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Final Good-Bye

Some of you may remember my post from last June about these two sweet birds flying into my 3rd story window at my studio and how I buried them in my home garden.

Well, this June, for some reason, has been especially bad for the birdies that live close to my studio.  On two separate occasions I found the tiniest little ones who had perished on my patio.
This one was so tiny, I think he was just learning the ropes of flying.  I felt so bad that I felted him a burial blanket and laid him to rest in my garden next to the ones from last year.

And then not a week later I found another in the same spot on the patio.  Just don't know what to do to stop them from hitting my windows.  

The second one I found, I put him in the netting basket that hangs in my home garden with bits of fabrics, threads and lint from my dryer for the day, then dug another hole to place him in.  I keep this basket for the birds to build their nests with.  I got the idea from my good friend Mary who loves to attract birds to her garden.  You can see hers above and how it's overflowing with wonderful fibers for the birds.
Rest in peace sweet little birds.

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  1. Sometimes the silhouette of a predatory bird in the window will divert the birds away from it. I've also heard that reflections from mylar strips confuse them. Something must be scaring them by sneaking up on them. Is there a cat or hawks in the neighborhood? Your pictures honor their little lives. Thank you for being so caring.