Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mosaic Frames - Student Work

Once again my Beginning 3-d student's first experience when mosaics was a success.  I think what they love the most is cutting the glass.  Before I allow them to do that I demo a safety lesson, then I have had my T.A. Phoebe watch all of them their first time to make sure they mastered the technique.  And then off they went, like ducks to water  LOL

This first one by senior Kasie Lee was one of everyone's favorite.  She's using a low-key complimentary colorway, with neutral accents that project over the edge.  Wonderful designing Kasie!
Senior May Luong had 2 classes with me this year and excelled in both 2 and 3-D.  Her lovely heart design in monochromatic tones with neutrals was loved by all.

In this next one by senior Briana Johnson, we had to keep it a secret till it was displayed at Open House.  It was a special gift for her boyfriend Hylie.  You should have seen the smile on his face when he first saw it and realized it was made especially for him.  Priceless.

Priyanka Shah created one of my favorites below.  What I really loved was all the unique findings she included in the piece.  She spent a lot of time searching for the perfect itemss to include in her design, and it was so worth it.

Unfortunately, I have no name for who created the one above.  But I really like the analogous colorway and the pattern.  

Below we have one of the senior Wicks Pathireddy, just not sure if it's Sath or Ruth.  They are identical twins and I could not tell them apart all year long.  Sorry guys, but whichever one of you created this I really like it and wanted to show it.

But on second thought, this piece could have been done by junior Reis Misaka.  Sorry my notes are so scattered, so hard to keep track of it all.  If any of you are following the blog this summer, chime in and let me know!!   

Above we have senior Leah Huang with her really uplifting design, and below hers is junior Tristan Eddy who I'm hoping will be back next year.  Tristan had a super intricate design with many small pieces.  Sorry I wasn't able to photo it better Tristan.

One of my favorite designs was completed by senior Fernie Jacinto.  He's working with a complimentary color scheme in a very asymmetrical way which is really hard to pull off.  And notice how he made his grout color change up from a dark red on the bottom to a reddish green as it went up.  Very cool!
And lastly we have this beauty by junior Beah Tolentino.  What a gorgeous selection of glass and ceramic pieces she has chosen to work this, and then such a lovely, soft shade of grout to finish it off.  And she hasn't forgotten the backside.  fantastic work Beah!  She ya next year with Tristan, Ashley and Kaya.  We hare going to have so much fun!!!  Miss you crazies  LOL

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