Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Litter of Bugs Born in Room 18

While visiting super gardener, good friend and co-worker Mary, I spotted the coolest stick with an interesting pod shape on it and asked her what it was.  She told me she and her husband Gary collect these Praying Mantis hatched pods from their garden and lay them around as decoration.  I asked if I could take one home.  So Mary gave me two.  I wanted to share them with my art students, but I forgot to take them home.  Guess what?   The pod hadn't been hatched yet, and after a few days laying on my back table, I had a good 50 baby praying mantis crawling around my table and art supplies.  You can imagine the delight when my students learned they were there, especially for my bio kids.  So I very carefully scooped them up and put them outside in my dye garden.
And boy oh boy, did they love all the bugs in those leaves.  In a couple of weeks they grew quite a bit, and were very happy campers.
And so were my plants  :)

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