Monday, July 8, 2013

Glueline Portraits - Student Work

My Beginning 2-D art students did a fantastic job with these abstract portraits.  After we covered our realism unit, we discussed and saw examples of abstraction.  They were paired up with other and took turns drawing one another with a glue bottle.  They had a choice between Tacky or Elmer's glue (they all experimented first to decide which glue they liked the best).  Glue as a drawing tool has a tendency to right off the bat abstract an image.  They also had the choice to draw each other in profile, 3/4 or frontal view.  They were encouraged to exaggerate and distort features but in the end, the piece still needed to resemble their subject.  The glue needs to dry for 24 hours then they started with oil pastel (we worked on black construction paper).  Again they were asked to abstract the colors, and to include a wide range of value in both subject and background.  These were a few of the many outstanding pieces done.  

Junior Cathy Luo, an up and coming art superstar, drew a remarkable likeness of junior Alex Rendon.  Notice the complimentary color scheme of yellow and purples she's using for a powerful piece.
Junior Hannah Hwang, a very talented young artist who takes direction like a dream, worked with 8th grader Nathan Lam.  Again, she nailed him using a another complimentary set, red and green.  Hannah, come back to me next year, please!!!!  LOL

Super gifted artist, senior Alice Zhang, really gave us a great backdrop in addition to her portrait of senior Sally Choi.  What is noteworthy here is that we studied color schemes in the beginning of the year, and so far each of these children have used them in their color choices, and I didn't even require it.  I'm wondering if they did it subconsciously or on purpose.  Feedback please young ones.  Alice here used a primary color scheme of red, yellow and blues.

Next we have another talented up and coming young art, junior Deena Younan.  she worked with sophomore Jovani Garcia, and did such a great job capturing his likeness.  Love how she changed up the format and worked within a circle.

What I did require of the young ones was to try an capture an expressive quality in their subjects.  I feel like junior Arim Han really did this with her subject, junior Justin Hwang.   

And then we have award winning artist senior Sheila San Agustin working with senior Louis Manuel.  Love how she used an "S" curve to create movement as she drew his body.  Clever designer!

Even though senior Ashley Chowdhury chose to really abstract junior Judy Shih's facial features, I can still tell it's Judy because of how Ashley captured Judy's hair style.  Love the backdrop you put in Ashley.  Wonderfully playful piece!

Now here is senior Eddie Ponce's take on 8th graders Annie Oh.  Again, check out his effective use of color; a secondary color scheme of orange, green and purple.  Nathan will be coming back to me, he has tremendous talent for one so young.

And I wanted to end with one of my favorites, yeah, yeah, I know, I'm not supposed to pick favorites, but I do, got to be honest.  This exceptional work was done by junior Anne Allen, a super talented young artist on her way up.  Anne included so much interest in her backdrop to give us a very thought provoking piece.  Her subject was sophomore Matthew Chou, who loved the piece Anne did of him.  So much fun Anne, thank you for always giving me everything you've got and more!

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  1. These are Outstanding!! Kudos to you and your students!