Friday, July 5, 2013

Plaster Figurative Sculptures - Student Work

Here is another figurative project done by a different group of kids, my second year 3-d students.  Even though the kids complain the whole way thru this assignment, the end results are so worth it.  And what could they possibly be complaining about you ask?  Days and days of subtractive carving, not being able to see the finished product right off the bat.  Getting full of plaster dust, is the end in sight??  And then that's only the first 1/2 of the assignment.  After the plaster figure dries out, they need to sand it and build their own mounting block.  Like I said, the results are so worth it.  Here we go!

Senior Tiffany Lee starts us off with this crazy, amazing work.  Her figure reminds me so much of the opening of the Dobie Gillis Show in the 1960" that I used to watch everyday after school.  The show opens with a statute of "The Thinker" by Rodin in a park-like setting with Bob Denver (first Dobie then he played Gilligan) sitting in front of it contemplating his kooky life.  Only Tiffany's "Thinker" is more abstract with a much more intense look on his face.  I adore this piece and the simple mount she put it on.  Brilliant Tiff! 
I really love the piece of wood she chose.  Looks kind of like it was a piece of old molding that has been ripped from a wall and knowing me, I probably dug it out of a trash can somewhere before it caught Tiffany's eye.
Now Mr. Z, our Physics teacher, is the proud owner of this work.  He bought it from Tiffany at Open House.

This next piece by senior Sheila San Agustin, was really an innovative work.  I'm loving how she brought in a piece of fabric for a cape with a wonderful silver button to hold it in place.  And then her wood mount was so well thought out.  Check out how she uses those recycled nails!

Then we have another talented senior, Ashley Chowdhury.   Notice the wonderful detail on the rib cage area, the military type shoulder accents, lace skirt, and how she has used the pearls throughout the whole piece.  And can you find the fine shards of glass?  
And when you look closely at both Sheila and Ashley's plaster, you can see that both girls marbled acrylic pigment into the wet plaster before it set up.  I have the kids use old milk cartons to pour their plaster into.  It's their choice it it stays white or if they add color.  

Next is senior Amy Hsu, one of my favorite all-time students, right up there with you Christi Conners  LOL.  Amy went all out with her finishes.  She poured the acrylic paint right over-top her sculpture (takes guts), painted/stained her woodblock, then finished up with glass shards.  Fantastic job kiddo!
And this last one by senior Julia Faith Chanco was everyone's favorite.  We were all drawn to her piece's voluptuous form.  People at Open House were fighting over owning this work, that's how powerful it was.  The very lucky owner is junior Judy Shih  :)  Masterful young Julia!  Miss you mama.

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