Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mixed Media Assemblage - Student Work

Senior Tiffany Lee, one of my top art students this year, shared with us several pieces that she had made for her portfolio for submission to art school.  This piece was done in her after school art academy class, and it is absolutely brilliant.
The piece was done in bas-relief, on a foundation that she built out from.  She bought a pre-made plastic face that she highly embellished to make it her own.  the body was sculpted from pre-mixed paper-mache'.
Even though this is a 3-D work, Tiffany is also showing us her outstanding 2-D skills as she painting color onto the body areas.   She is also working with a lot of glass shards for embellishment...
as well as a variety of lovely fibers such as velvet, netting, and silks, some of which she dyed herself.
I couldn't have been more impressed.  You really outdid yourself on this one Tiff, and inspired me to build an assignment around this work for next years Advanced 3-D kids.  Thank you!  And much luck at art school in New York.  Your instructors are going to adore working with you.  Much love to you as you continue your journey.

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