Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rockin' the Night Away at Main Street

Thanks to all for joining me two Fridays ago at Main Street Restaurant in Yorba Linda.  Jim's band, The Rockits have some new blood in the band, a new lead singer, Deke from Deke and the Blazers, and a new drummer/singer, Gary Mederios.  And with new blood comes a great new playlist.  Jim and I had so much fun!  And he just loves dressing up in his clothes from the 50's.
And speaking of the 50's, my sweet step-brother Bill and his wife Judy of 50 years, joined me, and even got up and danced to several of their favorites songs from the 50's.  They still have it!  :)

This is the look of the new band, sorry Gary, couldn't get you in the pix.
The music makes Jim and I so happy, and we love when you join us, so I'll let you all know when they are playing again.
The more the merrier!

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