Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kay's Retirement Quilt - My Work

Every year I stay one day ahead of my Intermediate 3-D students as I take them thru a Liberated Quilt unit ala Gwen Marston.  This year we did liberated stars, and strip pieced borders.

At the same time that I was building this for them, I knew that our beloved secretary Kay, who I've known and worked with for the past 33 years at Whitney was retiring, so I wanted to make this for her.

The above shot was the start of the piece with the main star and a couple of borders. 
But I knew I wanted to make the piece more personalized so I sent my T.A.'s around the school to get signatures from all our staff.

So Below is the finished quilt with the staff signatures in the larger white finally border.  The strip piecing that I taught the kids, I used in the binding edge to tie the whole together. 
Then I had my T.A.'s get personal sayings that Kay was known for like "Queen of Everything", "Banana fanna fo fanna", "Here today, gone tamale", "Bubble Head", "Lord willing and the creek don't dry up" are just a few of the fun quotes that I free motion quilted over top the whole piece.

At the same time I was getting staff signatures, I was also collecting senior and other student signatures for the back side fabric of the quilt.  I also hand appliqued a heart with a dedication to Kay from all of us. 

The quilt was presented to Kay on the day of her retirement party and she was overwhelmed and a bit speechless.  And if you know Kay, it takes a lot to make her speechless  LOL

Kay, we will miss you greatly.  You have been the most competent secretary, running the school with your extensive knowledge and keeping us all on track, especially me  :)  You have also been the most loyal friend and confidant.  Thank you for everything, and come back and take one of my classes!
Enjoy your retirement, you've more then earned it!
Love you Kay, miss you already.   

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