Thursday, November 29, 2012

1st Quarter 7th Graders

Even though my 1st quarter 7th graders have moved on I still haven't posted all their work.  These are from the unit on linear pattern and texture, also known as zentangling.  They had to learn about color schemes and then pick one to watercolor in their background with.  Then I gave them a thin marker to do their zentangles with.  The results are always wonderful.

The first one above was created by Anjli Gandhi and was so amazing in detail and effort.  This little ones work o hard for me.  Below we have Tyler Aquino with the very 3-d looking space, very stately and beautifully crafted.

This colorful one above was the work of Arjan Batra and one of my favorites, and below we have a very cool, detailed piece by Mira Modha.

This fun and magical heart piece above was done by Sanjana Koushik, and the gorgeous design below was crafted by Kristina Theam who spends a lot of time on her pieces making them just right..

This next one reminds me of the 4th of July and was done by Heather Choe and shows a lot of effort, and Alex Lui made this very expressive piece below.
But my super favorite that made me LOL was this one below by Scott Lee Jr.  Scott was such a goof in class and I would always tease him and call him a 'noob sauce', an expression I picked up from my son.  So Scott used it in his artwork.  I love that Scott!

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  1. I love these! Your students did a great job and they look like a lot of fun to create.