Saturday, November 10, 2012

Partically Felted Pincushion - My Work

I wanted to send my girl off to college with a handmade pincushion filled with safety pins, threaded needles, buttons and straight pins.  So I went thru my unfinished projects and found this funny little half felted piece of wool.  Originally I had tried to recycle some cut off pieces of wool sweaters into a felted ball.  But as you can see, it didn't felt up the way I had planned, so I stuck it in a drawer for later inspiration.  It came when I was searching for something to make Dan's pin cushion out of.
I sewed on a button and seed bead for eyes, and a bugle bead for a mouth, and filled the cushion with all the goodies I thought see might need in a pinch.
Kind of a cutie I think.   I really like how he turned out, with personality plus, and hopefully it will come in handy when she needs to do a bit of mending.

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